ISG Journal

Editorial Team
Yeh-Liang Hsu PhD
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Director, Gerontechnology Research Center, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Executive editor  
Dorothy Li Bai MD PhD, Taiwan
Public health gerontechnology

Associate Editors  
Herman Bouma PhD, Netherlands
General gerontechnology, perception
Bo Xie PhD, USA
e-Health literacy
Don G. Bouwhuis PhD, Netherlands
Human-system interaction
Sue E. Levkoff PhD, USA
Aging in good health
Neil Charness PhD, USA
Human factors approaches to technology use
Diane F. Mahoney PhD, USA
Geriatric nursing
Mauro Colombo MD, Italy
Geriatric rehabilitation, clinical gerontology
Henk-Herman Nap PhD, Netherlands
Serious gaming
Raymond H. Cuijpers PhD, Netherlands
Assistive robotics
Lawrence R. Normie MSc CPhys MinstP, Israel
Assistive technology, accessible design, standardization
Cees H. Doevendans PhD, Netherlands
Claudia Oppenauer-Meerskraut PhD, Austria
Health-care intervention
R. Darin Ellis PhD, USA
Aging & human-computer interaction
Yeong-Ran Park PhD, Korea
Gerontechnology and care
James L. Fozard PhD, USA
Gerontechnology theory, longitudinal studies, perceptual motor functioning
Luiz R. Ramos MD PhD, Brazil
Geriatric care
Colleen Galambos PhD, USA
Early illness detection, aging–in-place
Ken Sagawa PhD, Japan
Elisabeth Karol PhD, Australia
Housing and architecture
Carla da Silva Santana PhD, Brazil
Occupational therapy
William D. Kearns PhD, USA
Psychology of aging, tracking & intelligent systems
Dušan Šimšík PhD, Slovakia
eAccessibility & rehabilitation
Helianthe S.M. Kort PhD, Netherlands
Long-term care
Antony A. Sterns PhD, USA
Silver industries marketplace
Teh Pei Lee PhD, Malaysia
Management information systems, technology management